Maida Vale Softplay

Maida Vale Softplay sessions run every Wednesday and Thursday at Little Venice Sports Centre (10 Crompton Street, W2 1ND).

  • Wednesday, 1000 to 1130
  • Thursday, 1000 to 1130
We also now run a session every Friday at the Moberly Sports Centre (25 Chamberlayne Rd, NW10 3NB),
  • Friday, 1000 to 1130

The sessions are for crawlers up to 3 year olds.

The fee is £5 per session.



May Half Term
We have the following sessions running over the May Half Term week at Little Venice Sports Centre.

  • Wednesday, 1000 to 1130
  • Thursday, 1000 to 1130
All sessions bookable on Hoop.

Older News

Attendance Update
Lately we have been having large numbers of softplayers wishing to attend the Wednesday and Thursday sessions. The room capacity has been reaching its full safety limits recently which means people haven't been able to get in or they have had to wait (as per a one in, one out system). I absolutely hate having to tell people that they cannot come in or have to wait especially as they are supportive regulars, and I know the difficulties of getting a toddler out of the house on time!

I have been wondering what the best/fairest solution is going forward, and what I have been suggesting in previous weeks to ensure entry (whenever you turn up - no waiting) would be to book online via the free app Hoop.

To that end, I will increase the number of bookable spaces to 15 (to book before the session) leaving another 15 spaces for "pay on the door" on a first come first served basis (30 spaces in total).

If you do not book, then it should be known that recently we nave been full by 1020, so if you cannot make it by 1000 when we start then aim for 1045 as that is when some start to leave and vacate space, else you will likely have to wait.

I hope that this is a fair solution. Let me know if you have any alternate solutions and I'll definately consider them.

Thanks for your continued Softplay support.


Christmas Sessions
We have the following sessions running over the pre-Christmas week.

  • Tuesday 18th, 1000 to 1130
  • Wednesday 19th, 1000 to 1130 and 1400 to 1500
  • Thursday 20th, 1000 to 1130
We then close for Christmas and re-open on Thursday 3rd January.

If you would like an extra session during the Christmas holidays, please contact me and if there is demand, I can check the venue availability.

Finally, Maida Vale Softplay would like to thank you for your support over the year and to wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Saturday Sessions - Update
Our next Satursday session is coming up this weekend, 13th October. Session will be from 0915-1015.

Dates booked so far:

  • 13th October
  • 10th November
  • 24th November
If demand persists, I will look to find future dates.

All available to book onto via Hoop or pay on the door.

Saturday Sessions - Update
We have had the go ahead to run some Saturday sessions. They will start from Saturday 29th September from 0915-1015 (not ideal times, but at least it is something to offer the children on Autumn/Winter mornings). At the moment, it is a slow starter for Saturdays as I have other family commitments.

Dates so far:

  • 29th September
  • 13th October
  • 10th November
  • 24th November
Then, if demand persists, every other week.

All available to book onto via Hoop or pay on the door.

Session Closed - Wednesday 19th September
Unfortunately, due to a Council meeting being held at Little Venice Sports Centre, there will be no softplay session on Wednesday 19th September. We will be back open again on Thursday 20th September as normal.

Softplay is back!
Maida Vale Soft Play returns from its summer break on Wednesday 5th September and Thursday 6th September. We look forward to seeing you all back again.

Session Closed - Thursday 19th July
Unfortunately, Maida Vale Soft Play will be closed on Thursday 19th July. Sessions continue the following week on Wednesday and Thursday as normal and through the start of August.

Summer Holidays
Currently sessions are due to run for the first three weeks of August (through to the 16th). Please check back to this website and the HOOP app for latest details of sessions running during the summer holidays.

Trialing of Saturday Sessions
We will be looking to trial Saturday morning softplay sessions from September. The timeslot that we have available is between 0915 and 1015AM. How does that work out for families thinking of coming along?

Please email Emma with any comments/interest.

If the sessions get approval they will be bookable via the app Hoop or as a pay drop-in (same as weekdays).

Wednesday 4th July - Bubble Man
As the children love seeing bubbles being blown throughout the sessions, we are having a professional Bubble Man come to entertain our softplayers on Wednesday 4th July. He will be performing a half hour session between 1030 and 1100 during our normal softplay session.

Summer Holidays - August
We will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1st August to 16th August. All sessions pre-bookable using the app Hoop.

Half Term - May 30-31st 2018
Maida Vale SoftPlay WILL BE RUNNING as usual over the half term period with sessions on:

  • Wednesday 30th May
  • Thursday 31st May

Wednesdays from April 18th - Change of start time.
From Wednesday April the 18th, the Wednesday sessions will be starting from 1000 rather than the current 0930.
Thursday sessions continue to start at 1000.

Easter Holidays - April 2018
The following sessions WILL BE RUNNING as normal over the easter period:

  • Wednesday 4th April
  • Thursday 5th April
However we WILL BE CLOSED on the following dates with no sessions running:
  • Wednesdsy 11th April
  • Thursday 12th April
Normal sessions resume from Wednesday 18th April.

Thursday 8th March - NO SESSION RUNNING
Please note, there will be no session running on Thursday 8th March.
The session on Wednesday 7th will run as normal.
Thursday sessions will resume as normal from the 15th March.

Half Term - February 2018 - *UPDATE*
The next half term is 12th - 16th February.
We are currently booked to run sessions on the Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th.
If you would like other dates, please contact Emma. Minimum numbers may be required.

Tuesday Sessions from February
Unfortunately, due to reduced numbers, we are having to stop running the Tuesday sessions.
If you would like these to continue, please contact Emma to register your interest. If sufficient numbers come forward then these may be re-introduced.

Softplay 2018
Maida Vale Soft Play is back for 2018
Sessions are running on our normal days of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Christmas Holidays - Special one off Session
We will be running a special one off session before Christmas on Wednesday 20th December between 1000 to 1130.

There will be NO other sessions running that week.

Sessions will restart after Christmas on Wednesday 3rd January.

Here's wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Half Term Opening
Only the Wednesday 25th session will be running this Half Term. There WILL BE NO Tuesday or Thursday session.

Normal sessions will resume on Tuesday 31st October.

Summer Holiday Opening - UPDATE
A one off session will run on Thursday 31st August.

Normal sessions will resume on Tuesday 5th September.

Summer Holiday Opening
Sessions will run during the last week in July (25th-27th) as normal.

We will then be closed for the duration of August with sessions resuming on Tuesday 5th September.

May Half Term Week : 29th May - 2nd June
There will only be ONE session during this period. This will be on Wednesday 31st May (0930-1130). The Tuesday and Thursday sessions will not run.

April - Easter opening information
Maida Vale Soft Play will be closed over the first two weeks of April.
Therefore the following sessions will NOT be running:

  • Tuesday 4th and 11th
  • Wednesday 5th and 12th
  • Thursday 6th and 13th
Sessions will start again as normal on Tuesday 18th April

For more details contact Emma

December - Christmas and New Year opening information
Open as normal on the following days:

  • Tuesday 20th
  • Wednesday 21st
  • Thursday 22nd
  • Maida Vale Soft Play will then close for Christmas and the New Year
But we will be back in 2017, and the first session will be:
  • Thursday 5th January @10:00
Please note, from January 5th, there will be a small increase in cost, to £5 per session.

As of September 7th we can arrange for a nanny service to be on site at softplay for the Wednesday sessions of (0930-1130). This service is offered to enable mums/dads/carers to drop the little ones off with the nanny whilst they spend time at the gym upstairs. The nanny can care for two children at a time. Her fees are £12 if she is looking after 1 child and £8 if two children. Plus the usual £4 per child attending the session. And the fee for gym (as pay-as-you go bases or you can sign up as a member) which is via the gym itself. The nanny fees must be booked and paid to her in advance of the session. This is a trial service so we can tweak as we go along.

Maida Vale Softplay is running as usual during the Half Term Break.
Sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings as normal.

March 2016
Maida Vale Softplay is running as usual for the Easter Holidays. There are also a few additional afternoon sessions just for the Holidays.
Specific details of the sessions are listed below:

  • Tuesday 29th March, 1000 to 1130
  • Wednesday 30th March, 0930 to 1130 and 1300 to 1500
  • Thursday 31st March, 1000 to 1130 and 1300 to 1500
  • Tuesday 5th April, 1000 to 1130
  • Wednesday 6th April, 0930 to 1130 and 1300 to 1500
  • Thursday 7th April, 1000 to 1130

Maida Vale Softplay is now CLOSED for remainder of 2015 for the Christmas break.
We are back open again on Tuesday 5th January 2016 @1000, Wednesday 6th @0915, and Thursday 7th @1000.

Reminder: Wednesday is now broken into two sessions.

  • Session 1 @0915
  • Session 2 @1030

Due to Wednesday sessions being very busy, and the unfortunate scenario of people not being able to get in, we are planning on making changes to the session format.

From December 2nd, Wednesdays will be split into two sessions.

  • Session 1 will be from 0915 to 1015
  • Session 2 will be from 1030 to 1130

Each session will continue to have a maximum of 25 places.

We are now running an additional third session on Thursday mornings 10-11:30.

Wednesdays have been very busy recently. Therefore, we will be trialling a ticketed entry system to try and control numbers so that the children have enough space to play safely. This may mean that on very busy days entry may be delayed until a free space becomes available. We hope that the ebb and flow throughout a session will mean that we are able to accomodate everyone.

For more details contact Emma


Contact Emma for details.

Please note, whilst Maida Value Softplay runs sessions at Little Venice Sports Centre, we are not part of Little Venice Sports Centre. Please do not contact the centre for details.


Maida Vale Softplay sessions are currently run at:

Wednesday and Thursdays:
Little Venice Sports Centre
10 Crompton Street
W2 1ND

Moberly Sports Centre
25 Chamberlayne Rd
NW10 3NB