Maida Vale Softplay

Maida Vale Softplay sessions run at the Moberly Sports Centre (25 Chamberlayne Rd, NW10 3NB). Please see the news section for details on the latest sessions as we look to re-open.

The sessions are for crawlers up to 3 year olds.

The fee is £5 per session.



Reopening 30th April

Now the national lockdown has come to an end, we are happy to say that we will be re-opening sessions from the 30th April. Sessions will be on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

All dates have two sessions, 1000-1040 and 1050-1130. Bookings must be made via Happity and spaces are limited due to restrictions still in place.

Dates will continue to be added on Happity whilst everything remains open.

We look forward to seeing you coming back to play!

Older News

Closed during National Lockdown

Due to the latest national restrictions, we have had to close our Soft Play sessions. Refunds will be issued for all sessions already booked during this time. Please bear with me as I work through issuing these, and they can take a few days to complete. I will contact all customers as and when refunds have been processed. If you have booked more than one session, these may be processed at separate times.

Despite there being some conflicting reports as to whether childrens activities can continue during this time, we unfortunately cannot as the venue we run in has been closed.

We intend to re-open as soon as the lockdown is lifted, and the venue re-opens. At this time this is likely to be Friday 4th December. Please keep an eye on our page for latest news and updates. Sessions will be made available on Happity as and when we know more.

Stay safe during this time, and hope to see you back when we re-open.

Re-opening - First Session - Friday 11th September

After much time, we are due to re-open on Friday 11th September, albeit with some changes. These are subject to constant review alongside changing government guidelines, so please do let me know any feedback you may have.

In order to restict numbers, the normal session has been split into two shorter sessions of 40 mins. Sessions will now be as follows:

  • Session 1 : 1000 to 1040
  • Session 2 : 1050 to 1130

Timings are fixed, and will need to be adhered to in order to allow sanitizing between sessions.

All sessions must be pre-booked through our new partner booking site Happity.

Currently the venue are not allowing prams onto the site. We are working with the venue to see if this can be amended. Therefore, please bring babes in arms for all sessions.

Full terms and conditions can be viewed here or at the time of booking.

August 2020 Update - Re-opening Soon at the Moberly

We are currently working on plans to allow us to re-open sometime in September, albeit with some changes.

Keep an eye on Facebook and this site for more information

Softplay at Moberly week begining 16th March

We are planning on being open on Monday 16th March 1000-1130, but then it is a see how it goes for the week. For obvious and understandable reasons the Friday session last week was alot quieter and Monday's looks set to be quiet too.

I will stay open whilst we are allowed to, to offer somewhere for the kids to play for a short while longer, so long as there is demand to do so.

However, if the schools close, or if the gym closes suddenly, I will obviously be closing too, but likely will close before then in any regards.

Any sessions planned to be run will be posted on Hoop, but also do keep an eye out on our and instagram pages along with this website for more information.

If I cancel sessions any bookings made will be refunded, equally if you have already booked and wish to cancel prior to the session, those too will be refunded.

Finally, it goes without saying, and I am sure many of you are doing already, but if you have any symptoms, have traveled recently, or have been in contact with anyone suspected (or confirmed) of contracting COVID-19 then please do refrain from booking and attending (as I am sure many are kindly doing across the board for all your activities).

Normal days and times would usually be:

  • Monday 1000-1130
  • Tuesday 1430-1630
  • Thursday 1000-1130
  • Friday 1000-1130

Despite this, we will be closed during the Easter break, 6th thru to 24th April.

Change to Entry Arrangements

We have had to change our entry arrangements to try and make it a little more clear for all.

Entry at the start of all sessions (1000 or 1430) will be via Hoop booking only. Spaces on Hoop have been increased to accomodate this. Entry at a later time in the session (approx 1045) is via pay on the door and on a one in/one out system.

I hope that this won't be too much of an inconvenience.

Half Term - Tuesday 18th Feb

If you would like this session to run, please let me know so I can guage interest. Should there be enough then this session will go ahead as normal at 1430-1630.


Contact Emma for details.

Please note, whilst Maida Value Softplay runs sessions at the Moberly Sports Centre, we are not part of Everyone Active.


Maida Vale Softplay sessions currently run at:

Moberly Sports Centre
25 Chamberlayne Rd
NW10 3NB